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It's truly astonishing to me just how little I have to say lately. I used to be able to type my heart out on a near daily basis when I was leading a mostly reclusive life. Now that things are more interesting, words fail me.

I can't believe I'm 26, approaching 27. What the hell happened to my 20's? I realise I'm far from old, and I don't dread getting older, in fact I spent my teen years looking forward to my 30's. What's bothering me is how little I've done in this time. Granted, I got married and moved across the country three times. But I'm no closer to my goals than I was six years ago.

I have had some epiphanies about where my life is headed and what to expect long term. I've come to realise that I really want to be here for my parents. All my siblings have moved to different corners of the United States, got married, and had children. My husband and I don't want children and we are both incredible close to my parents.

I may end up in Pahrump for a very long time and honestly, I'm just fine with that. I love being so close to Las Vegas. It's a beautiful and interesting city. Sure, I really miss Oregon. Oregon will always be 'home'. But I'm very fond of this place. And Oregon isn't that far away, it's well within my reach.

Things are working out well and I'm pretty happy with where I am right now. I just always envisioned something... different. But life has a funny way of putting you right where you need to be.


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