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The rain pouring down in a constant roar, only broken up by the flash of lightening and crash of thunder, is like a lullaby to me. I want to take a long nap and sleep the storm away.

I've gotten back in touch with my creative side recently. Drawing more and writing more than I have in quite some time. I'm really enjoying it. Frank has helped me in more ways than he knows. He is so incredibly confident with everything he does. Although his cockiness used to annoy me, I've become fond of it. Now it makes me smile and serves as an inspiration to me. I've become more confident in my own pursuits. Why does everything I do HAVE to be perfect? It doesn't! And I can be proud of what I do, even if others do it better.

I finished a painting the other day that I absolutely adore. I call it 'Two hearts, one soul' and although it's very simplistic, it has the most meaning of anything I've ever done.

I have a project in the works that I never would have had the confidence to display for the world to see in the past. I'm hoping to do an online comic. I have a wonderful idea already and a few scripts already worked out. Now I just need to work out the fine details and get a few solid story lines that will carry a decent stream of comics.

The rain seems to be dying down and I still haven't worked in that nap. Time for a nice little siesta.


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