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The more I hear and read about relationships and the dating process, the more relieved I feel that I didn't have to go through all that. Some people enjoy the chase, the mystery, those first time feelings, and sometimes even the drama, but I honestly never did. The few relationships I've been in, I've always been relieved to get to that comfortable, post-infatuation, phase.

With Frank, that came like lightening. There was none of that 'Should I tell him I love him? Is it too soon?' or questioning what he was feeling. As fast as everything was, it all came naturally. It was boom, boom, boom... one step to the next. 'I love you' no hesitation, 'Let's get married!' Absolutely! And even though we could have run out and gotten married right then, we waited a year so my Dad wouldn't have a heart attack. After all, it didn't matter to us. Married or not, we were committed. And since we were engaged and staying with each other as much as possible anyway, might as well move in together. And sure enough, a year later we got married with no problems. And over three years after that we're still as happy as can be.

Granted, we've had our little problems. Most of which inspired my unlocked posts on here. (When angry, locking doesn't seem to matter. Which is hilarious, considering those are the only posts on my journal that really should be private. Unfortunately, that gives a skewed perspective for those checking out my journal when I ask a question in a community.) But those little bumps in the road are nothing. I'm thankful for the lack of drama in our lives, and the very common marital problems that don't apply to us. I'm thankful for the unusual aspects of our relationship, those needs that neither of us thought possible to have met in a healthy relationship. I'm thankful that the drama we have encountered is so odd and surreal that looking back on it we both laugh and it has served as just more for us to bond over.

Okay, I'm done gushing now, I promise. I'm just feeling relieved and thankful today. Something in my life has finally gone incredibly right, and I couldn't be happier.

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